Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Roosh -- Always Puttin' on the Spin

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There's less "I don't believe ROK exists" comments than 3 months ago. This means our views are spreading and normalizing. We're pleased.
Probably means that those who are going to be shocked and outraged by this crap have now been duly shocked and outraged, and moved on...  But by all means, be pleased if it makes you happy.

In the long run, of course, it means nothing.  Your "movement" is just temporary background noise.

One of the perennial mysteries of Roosh is to what degree he's consciously manipulating his base, and how much he's honestly deluded. 


  1. A bunch of people deliberately acting like dickheads does not a movement make. Unless it's a bowel movement. I've begun wondering if RoK is some elaborate cockblocking conspiracy; you know, give out horrendously bad advice to desperate guys who then ruin their chances of getting laid by following it, thereby leaving more women available to the charms of the real PUAs?

  2. Hmm, your theory merits serious consideration snork maiden. And it sounds like you have the requisite degree of paranoia to join Roosh's minions! Bwahaha!

  3. Why thank you :)

    Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I myself am part of the long haired woman conspiracy, engaged in persuading all my attractive friends to get buzzcuts, thus clearing my path to those gullible betas with their cash and prizes.

  4. It's a pissing competition, isn't it? One guy writes an outrageous post and the next one tries to beat it. First person to get a post go viral and mentioned on Jezebel wins.

    They're still not getting any advertising, though!


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